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  • Innovative Design

    Agrowbot Trays hydroponic systems are designed for maximum yield in a limited space. We use 100% BPA free, "Restaurant Quality" Polyethylene on all of our systems. That may all be mumbo jumbo to you, but we spare no expense when it comes to ensuring the highest quality production of you and your family's food.

  • Cost Effective

    Simply put - Agrowbot Trays are the most cost-effective hydroponic systems on the market. With a full consideration of key factors - maintenance, water usage, power supply, and space - Agrowbot Trays yield a significant quantity and undeniable quality of produce at a fraction of the price of other hydroponic systems. We're not reinventing the wheel here, we've just made it easier to roll.

  • Beginners Welcome

    Agrowbot Trays take the complexity of hydroponics and couple it with the notion that many of us are a few generations removed from our farming roots, if we even have any at all. Whether you’re an urban professional without the time, space, or yard for a culinary garden, or conscientious consumer looking to shift to a cleaner way of life for your family, Agrowbot Trays are for you.

  • Easily Accessible

    Agrowbot Trays is proud to be a Veteran Owned Company. That’s why a key component of our systems is taking into account that many of our returning heroes have a passion for sustainability. Our stands are wheelchair accessible, designed for use by those with average arm lengths and ranges of motion, and is an overall lighter weight system that simplifies harvesting for everyone.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Frankly, it shouldn’t be! We’re just like you. We simply wanted to be able to grow our own food, for the purpose of creating our own access to organic produce and to achieve our own sustainability, but wanted to do without excessive costs, time-consuming maintenance, and without needing a PhD in Agriculture to get it done. There’s an overwhelming “farm-to-table” issue in our country. The average timeframe for produce to be harvested, shipped, and finally placed on your local grocery store’s shelves is 10-13 days! As much as 65% of this produce doesn’t even make it to the shelves. For that reason, farmers & growers have to genetically modify, use harsh pesticides, or drive really, really fast, in order to attempt to get “fresh” produce on the shelves.

Like you, we wanted to be able to grow our own produce, but we were simply too busy for something complex and could not afford expensive hydroponic systems. We knew we had to make something easy, affordable (we’re $1200 cheaper than our closest competitor...go ahead...Google that!), and reliable. With other systems, sustainability means being married to and financially strapped by your garden. We love to garden, but we love living and getting the most from life too! We had to make something for us and for folks like us, and we think you’ll love our trays.

Buy The Hydrobot 528h Hydroponic System


The Hydrobot 528h System is designed for growing smaller greens like lettuce, herbs, and micro greens, as well as larger based vegetables like broccoli in the same tray lid. Agrowbot Trays Hydroponic Systems are 100% BPA Free, Restaurant Quality, Polyethylene, making all of our systems easy to clean, maintain, and safe for growing farm to table food for your family or restaurant. Put us to the test!


What’s so different?

• You can plant up to 60 plants in approx. 12 sq. ft. There is no other system that allows you to do this on a consumer or prosumer level.
• Don’t require coolers or air pumps. The “Lazy River” channels water flow and recirculates the water enough to keep it oxygenated. The high quality polyethylene allows the water to maintain cooler temperatures.
• Utilizes only 15 gallons of water. Saving money on costly nutrients.
• 100% BPA Free, “Restaurant Quality” Polyethylene. For easy cleaning & Organic Gardening.
• The Stands - Agrowbot Tray Stands are 30” high, making wheelchair access easy for planting, harvesting and maintaining. The elevated height allows all growers the comfort of not bending and crouching. Keeping the stands elevated also keeps Rabbits, Moles & other Critters from getting into your garden. Each stand is hand made, right here in our factory, with attention to detail in mind for each piece .
• Shipping & Weight - We designed Agrowbot Trays around the box they’re shipped in. The United States Postal Service’s maximum size box (before you get into specialty shipping rates) is 45” x 55” x 5”. The stands, pumps, nutrients, etc. all fit into this same box as well. So, when ordering a Hydrobot System, everything is affordable to ship, with shipping prices ranging from $45-$75 (United States).
• Agrowbot Trays, when filled with water, are only approx. 80lbs ( 7 lb. empty). Making it easy to move, clean and accommodate different planting seasons easily.


Agrowbot Trays can easily be used with solar powered pumps to live “off the grid” without the dependance of a power source. Even if there’s a power failure, growers have more than 96 hrs to problem solve their system.
• Can be used for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse growing.
• Since all that is required is a small fountain pump, this system uses very little power. Making solar options plentiful and cheap.

Hydroponic or Aquaponic?

Agrowbot Trays can be used as a Hydroponic or Aquaponic System. Hydroponic systems require nutrients to fertilize the plants. Aquaponics utilizes, usually fish, excrement to fertilize. Our systems have proven very well in Aquaponics, but if you’re a first time user or new to any kind of hydroponics. Learn the basics first. Aquaponics requires more skill to maintain.


We've grown tired of not having adequate food sources and supplies. Right now, if something's grown “organically" what does that even mean? The definition of organic seems to be changing daily. Today most people alive are 2-3 generations away from farming. Even if we did happen to grow up on a farm, farming in metropolitan city's without adequate space is a nightmare. Furthermore, we wanted to create a product that doesn't rule our lives and require 24/7 maintenance. We still want to be able to go on vacations, have careers, family time, etc. Not spend every waking moment of our spare time in the garden. Even though it's a hobby, if we were dependent upon our gardens as a food source we'd simply be working to eat. Agrowbot Trays take only about 5 mins a week to maintain. (Not including planting and harvesting) If you plant according to your own eating habits, you can have fresh vegetables, for a family of 4, every night of the week. If you think we're lying, buy one and prove us wrong.

Where Can I Get One?

Here, of course. But Agrowbot Trays can also be purchased at Earth Works, Jacksonville, FL. If you’d like to be a retailer, feel free to contact us:

589 Levy Rd. #5 Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 | 904-580-GROW (4769)

Austin, TX (location coming soon)  | 512-568-4181 (4769)

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